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Naas has an ecosystem of experts providing professional services, including Naas data models development and coaching.
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Don’t know which expert to work with? Get experts from around the world to bid on your project! Please describe your project below and registered experts will get a notification of your request. Interested experts will reach out and work with you on a detailed proposal.


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COO CashStory / Naas core team

Graduated from KEGDE Business School, 5 years of consulting as Business Analyst, PO, Project Manager. Self-taught in the code, Florent is responsible for setting up data projects for our major accounts.

Martin Donadieu

CTO CashStory / Naas core team

Specialist in web product development and information systems administration. EPITECH graduate, has been teaching code for 4 years, you will be able to explore with him the most advanced technical questions.

Expert plan

Deliver projects faster to your clients, with faster iterations.

Do you build software for clients? Use Naas to reduce your development time and engineering needs! Rapid iteration makes handling changing requirements and follow-on requests easier and more efficient.

The Expert plan

The expert subscription lets you subscribe to a plan giving you 2 times more credit than regular plans. To unlock the credits you need to have a code. Having more credits makes the process of building scripts for clients smoother. Recommended for teams that work on projects for multiple clients and need access to paid functionality on an affordable basis.


While developing scripts, you have access to the free "Expert Naas" plan that gives you access to all paid Naas templates.


When you deliver the script, the user subscribes to the necessary plan in the Pricing Tab based on the estimation you gave him.

Ongoing support

40% commission will be applied to the project contract value to cover support and marketing of open-source materials.

The Expert Subscription lets you use all paid templates while you test your scripts and get 2x more credits. Your clients should upgrade to the plan you tell them is necessary when you deliver the application for the script to function properly. The Pricing Section will highlight the relevant plan for their consumption.


Naas users on your Expert Subscription do not count as collaborators on your account.

Domain and branding

You can use a custom domain while developing the models. The Naas banner will not be displayed in the development version of your application so that you can demo it to your clients with white-labeling.

Password protection

Applications on a Naas plan are protected by a password in run mode. Share the credentials with your client and have them explore the application before delivering it to them.

Transferring accounts

Once a model is ready to be delivered, you can invite your users to their Naas free plan. They can then subscribe to a paid plan on to allow them to run it in production. You will remain as an editor of the account until the client explicitly removes your editing rights.


Organizations using the Expert Plan can opt-in to be visible on our Naas page and automatically receive submitted requests for proposals.


Note that the Expert plan should only be used on Naas engin that are built for clients. Violation of this rule can lead to the cancellation of your Naas subscription or the termination of your Naas account.

Expert plan

Deliver projects faster to your clients, with faster iterations.


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