Notebooks as a service to automate all your tasks.

Naas facilitates scripting and job scheduling with low-code python formulas so you can easily access data, automation & AI.
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A powerful open-source alternative to Google Colab, that incorporates Netflix's best practices on scheduling Jupyter Notebooks in production.
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Link inputs and outputs easily with Naas low-code drivers.


Create & customize workflows with Naas awesome-notebooks templates.


Use Naas as your private data engine, build AI-powered scripts effortlessly.

Connect the dots, without limits.

Discover the templates that will help you get started.


Naas notebooks move information automatically between your apps, files, APIs, databases

so you can focus on building a better world.

At Netflix, everybody is using notebooks to access data, automation & AI.

Our mission is to give you access to what they have
at a fraction of their costs! 💰


Write simpler scripts with low-code drivers.

Files (csv, excel, pdf..)
Machine learning
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Create & customize workflows in no time with templates.

Discover the awesome-notebooks.

Use Naas as your private data engine, build AI-powered scripts effortlessly.

⭐️ Easy to use.
⭐️ Production ready.
⭐️ Cloud or on your servers.
⭐️ Open-source community based.
⭐️ Built on top of the most popular data-science tool: Jupyter notebooks.

RAM: 4Go
Processor: 1 vCPU
Storage: 20Go

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Data-driven people rely on Naas to take care of their tedious tasks.

I was using Jupyter Notebooks for exploratory analysis but with Naas I can run them as a safe production environment, pretty awesome!
Hugo - Data scientist
A Jupyter Notebook is a new kind of Excel, and with Naas I have the power to run my analysis repeatedly and remotely.
Mathilde - Freelance Financial Analyst
With Naas, I can finally access any data and automate reports easily. A game-changer.
Arnaud - Engineer forThe Sea People

Free & Open-source forever.

On your own server.

🌎 5% back to our world policy.

We finance projects, non-profits & NGOs
that make a positive impact on our environment.

We focus on reforestation, corals, plastic & energy waste.

+ We are committed to lowering energy consumption
of your Naas without losing on efficiency.

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