📒 Take full control of data with low-code Python formulas

Automate all your tasks and start a new way of working with Jupyter notebooks.
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Link inputs and outputs with a few lines of Python, or use Naas low-code drivers & notebooks library.


Create repeatable and secured information flow between your data with workflows and Naas magic features.


Use the power of notebooks in a state of the art cloud infrastructure to run AI-powered data pipelines effortlessly.


Connect all your data and automate workflows

« Easy automation for data-driven people. Naas moves information automatically between your apps, files, APIs, databases, so you can focus on your most important work.»

🔗 Access smartly to any data sources

with Naas drivers.

Files (csv, excel, pdf..)
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🚀 Go from ideas to workflows in minutes.

with production ready features & awesome notebooks list

Schedule workflows
Use Notebooks as API
Share assets securely
Use templates to kickstart projects

« The open-source data automation platform
that work for tech-savvy users. »

Based on the most popular interface in data-science.

⭐️ Easy to use.
⭐️ Production ready.
⭐️ Cloud or on your servers.
⭐️ Open-source community based.
⭐️ Built on top of the most popular data-science tool.

RAM: 4Go
Processor: 1 vCPU
Storage: 20Go

🎬 Netflix powers its data intelligence with notebooks.

Our mission : give you access to what they have...
at a fraction of their costs! 💰


« At Netflix, we’re pushing the boundaries even further, reimagining what a notebook can be.. »

Read the full article on Netflix blog
👉 Beyond Interactive: Notebook Innovation at Netflix

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Naas is making their life easier. ❤️

Data-driven people rely on Naas to take care of their tedious tasks.

I was using Jupyter Notebooks for exploratory analysis but with Naas I can run them as a safe production environment, pretty awesome!
Hugo - Data scientist
A Jupyter Notebook is a new kind of Excel, and with Naas I have the power to run my analysis repeatedly and remotely.
Mathilde - Freelance Financial Analyst
With Naas, I can finally access any data and automate reports easily. A game-changer.
Arnaud - Engineer forThe Sea People

Free & Open-source forever.

On your own server.

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Serious about data automation?
Buy an annual plan and enjoy 20% off.

Yearly(20% savings)

Free trial

14 days free trial

  • Cloud Jupyter Lab
  • Private FTPs
  • Unlimited Python modules
  • Scheduler
  • Notebook as API
  • Shareable assets


👉 Recommended

$39per month
$31per month
  • Cloud Jupyter Lab
  • Private FTPs
  • Unlimited Python modules
  • Scheduler
  • Notebook as API
  • Shareable assets


Advanced tools to take your work to the next level. (Coming soon)

$69per month
$55per month
  • Cloud Jupyter Lab
  • Private FTPs
  • Unlimited Python modules
  • Scheduler
  • Notebook as API
  • Shareable assets
  • Visual data pipelines
  • Premium chart library
  • Priority Email support


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🌎 5% back to our world policy.

We finance projects, non-profits & NGOs
that make a positive impact on our environment.

We focus on reforestation, corals, plastic & energy waste.

+ We are committed to lowering energy consumption
of your Naas without losing on efficiency.