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Naas is based on Jupyter Notebooks, the most popular data science interface.

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A catalog of templates on the tools you love to use.


Customize templates to your needs

Naas drivers make it simple to integrate different tools and create your own logic.



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Transform your data templates in valuable services

Naas production features put your data jobs on autopilot.

You have the power, no black box on how things work

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Naas layer works on top of the most secured APIs and data platforms.

🌍 Naas templates are the next generation of documents to create impact with data

Just change a few parameters
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5 / 5

I was using Jupyter Notebooks for exploratory analysis but with Naas I can run them as a safe production environment, pretty awesome!

Hugo - Data scientist
4.5 / 5

I have the power to run my analysis on schedule and trigger it remotely. Pretty useful compared to Excel.

Mathilde - Freelance Financial Analyst
5 / 5

“Naas really changed my way of working with PowerBI. my reports lighter, faster and more auditable.”

Alexandre - Freelance Financial Data
5 / 5

“I start with an idea, build an MVP, send it to customers and understand what’s working or not. Just awesome.

Mark - Data Scientist
5 / 5

I can automate every reporting work and create valuable data assets for my investors, like never before.”

Romain - Investment Director
5 / 5

Naas provides a great way to easily integrate with our tools. Their ready-to-use templates make us save a lot of time.

Evandro - Software Engineering Manager

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