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Use Naas low-code notebooks to create data engines that will optimize your time, money and energy.
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Augment your Jupyter Notebooks with
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Access any kind of data

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Create tailor-fit automation

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Build data engines that adapt to any business needs.

Naas notebooks enable you to easily access data, automation and AI.

Start with notebook templates

+100 integrations available on the tools you use.

Or create one notebook from scratch.

Customize without limits with our magic low-code formulas.

Use Naas to push your notebooks to production.

Take back control of your data intelligence.

No black box on how things work. You have the power.

Use trusted community templates
Monitor your notebooks events
Analyze your credit consumption.

🌍 Naas notebooks are the next generation of documents to create impact with data.

⭐️ Easy to use.
⭐️ Production ready.
⭐️ Cloud or on your servers.
⭐️ Open-source community based.
⭐️ Built on top of the most popular data-science tool: Jupyter notebooks.

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I was using Jupyter Notebooks for exploratory analysis but with Naas I can run them as a safe production environment, pretty awesome!

Hugo - Data scientist

A Jupyter Notebook is a new kind of Excel, and with Naas I have the power to run my analysis repeatedly and remotely.

Mathilde - Freelance Financial Analyst

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